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Start by choosing one of the templates to customize instead of building a new one from scratch.


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Add your products and
launch your online store

With our hassle-free setup experience, it’s a matter of adding your products and the right template to launch your online store. It only takes a few minutes with our user-friendly steps on Botme dashboard.

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Go there and them with your AI-powered chatshop! Our products are ready and loaded with a hyper-localized experience to serve you and your customers in the best way there is around the clock.

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With 50+ tool & integrations, you can use everything you needs to grow, aqquire, and sell tour.

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View & manage your products, orders, shipments, and everything else you might need.
Your friendly Botme chatshop dashboard brings all of that with a few simple clicks.

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Power-up your chatshop with +## tools and services to engage with customers everywhere and help you expand your online business and sell more.

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Create offers and promotions for your customers

Scale your sales by giving your customers great offers and promotions, from your dashboard you’ll be able to create advanced offers for your customers and track their performance

Retain your customers

Send your customers segmented messages on all channels with new offers, products and announcements from your dashboard and you’ll get analysis about your campaign performance.

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